Blow Moulding Manufacturer, Supplier

Precision molds for volumetric conatainers for liquids, cans, jars, fuel tanks etc.

What is a blow mould:

Blow Mold is a process to convert thermoplastics into complex shape hollow objects. The process can be used to manufacture plastic products. The procedure involves heating of plastic tube upto its melting point and then inserting the heated material in to the cavity of a mold machine. Thereafter, compressed air is used to inflate the molten plastic to give the required shape which remains hollow from inside. The thickness of the final product is determined by the amount of plastic and the air pressure. Examples of blow Mold products are water bottles, water cans, jars and so on. Blow molds covers three main processes : extrusion blow Mold, stretch blow Mold and injection blow Mold. Extrusion blow Mold is a process, where thermoplastic material is melted and forced in to the hollow tube, compressed air is blown into the tube and at the final stage, the cooling process and the crystallization activity is completed to get the final product. Injection blow Mold is a process where material is melted and injected into a precise die machine, later it is cooled off to get the desired shape. This process is mainly used to manufacture plastic bottles, jars and large containers. In stretch Mold, a hollow tube is formed as similar in inject Mold . The only difference here is the material once heated is stretched downward by the core. The stretching method allows for the use of increased strength in the material.

Making and advantages:

We at AK Precison engineering manufacture one of the finest quality of blow molded products making the use of thermo plastic and aluminum. Our aluminum products are mainly tailor made as per the specifications and dimensions of our consumers. We keep informal and interactive sessions with our consumers, where they are open to place their views and opinions on the product required. We design the layout of their product on a cost effective basis. Our formats for manufacturing the products of our customers are made on economical basis with low budget required. A couple of advantages are associated with the use of blow Mold which can be listed as below:

  • This is a cost-effective method as compared to injection Mold. The machines required for this activity are not expensive and even the production costs are reasonable.
  • This type of Mold works well for those products which do not require any additional assembly facilities. The products are one part and get manufactured as a single piece.
  • Blow Mold techniques result in quicker turnaround times for blow molded products.
  • This process of Mold reduces the amount of extra plastic that remains as a part of the production of the main product. This surplus plastic requires some extra finishing work to get removed, before it accidentally gets shipped.